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Our team of designers has a combined experience of over 60 years in office accommodation, retail and hospitality. This experience in design extends to retail and hospitality, museums and exhibitions. 


This knowledge provides us with the insight to make objects resonate and to create environments with impact and efficiency.


A process of experimentation and refinement underpins the design process. Physical models and mock-ups are set up to truly explore and understand space and context to find unique, innovative solutions.


Our design team works closely with our project management team thus integrating the workspace design and the implementation process to improve the efficiency of the delivery process. 

Tenant Installation

We have over the years built a team of construction project managers including artisans to guarantee the quality of the product.


This team has a combined experience of over 50 years and adheres to the highest standards of quality and occupational health and safety standards. 


We have also teamed up with highly experienced specialist contractors for specialised items and or spaces and manufacture our wooden fittings and features in-house.

Lift Replacement

We finance, purchase and install lifts on behalf of landlords through our negotiated preferable rates with two leading lift manufacturers Kone and Pilawa SA (a black-owned subsidiary of a leading European lift company), giving our clients the option to choose between the two according to their needs. 


The lifts are insured by us and maintained for the duration of the contract period.

Project Finance

We recognise that in many cases landlords and tenants do not have the immediate cash flow to (1) establish new premises, (2) refurbishing existing ones and (3) to replace high priced items such as lifts etc. 


Our finance offering allows landlords and tenants to create functional and high quality workplaces without placing a heavy burden to their immediate capex budgets and cash flow, allowing them to use available funds to (1) do more similar projects  or  (2) for core business related expenses.


We have established relationships with financial institutions, OEM’S, investors etc. to ensure that our clients are able to access financing at preferable rates. 


Repayments can be made over a period of 12, 24 or 36 months.

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